Fidan Humbatli

Blinding, 2024

Ceramic sculptures; series

In the presented concept, exploration focuses on communication and connection
issues among humans, seeking solutions. The visual language employed
aims to illustrate the significance of synergy for the prosperity of humanity.
Across the world, archaeologists have found clay figurines from the Paleolithic era
depicting female bodies. They have named these sculptures Paleolithic Venuses. Science is still investigating the possible reasons for why humans of that era created these Venuses.

Art forms during these ancient periods are strikingly synchronous around the world. They show the interconnectedness of the imaginative thinking of humans living in the same time period in different geographies. Humans seem as though they were more connected then, than we are now, despite the availability of countless new technologies today.

Like their originals, these ceramic Paleolithic Venuses emphasize that all people in the world are equal and that there is and has always been an amazing connection between us. The Venuses invite us to remember this connection, which we often forget. This cultural, social, mental and emotional connection is expressed with an image of a woman who has, does and will always play an enormous role in the history of humankind.

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