“Her Art in Action” is an annual festival dedicated to supporting and empowering women artists in Azerbaijan. Held at the esteemed Gazelli Art House in Baku, our festival aims to inspire creativity, build community, and encourage collaboration among female artists.
We believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to change and challenge perceptions. Supporting women artists is crucial because art has the potential to encourage important dialogues, promote empathy, and foster connections across diverse communities. By supporting women artists, we contribute to a more balanced representation within the art world, providing them with a platform to share their experiences.
Our festival is dedicated to giving local women artists a platform to exhibit their work, gain visibility, and reach a broader audience. We achieve this through exhibitions, workshops, and collaborations, fostering a supportive and inclusive artistic community.
By inviting international artists to ‘Her Art in Action,’ we aim to create a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. Collaborating with different women artists from around the world, we enrich the cultural dialogue, expand artistic perspectives, and provide valuable networking opportunities for local talents. This perspective strengthens the festival’s impact and promotes cross-cultural understanding.
Join us in celebrating the voices and experiences of local women artists in Azerbaijan’s art scene, as we work together to highlight their works, create a platform, and build a supportive community.

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