Fidan Abilova

Burden of generations, generational inheritance
When a person is born, she grows up according to her environment and adopts this way of thinking. It works so hard on our ego that we often don’t feel the need to ask ourselves if the ideas we’ve been taught and accustomed to since birth are really true. Even if we think about it and come to the opposite conclusion, it is not so easy to get rid of the influence of these old ideas on our consciousness. In this way, until you fearlessly believe in your own ideas and say no to the wrong patterns of the past, duality occurs in a person’s life, everything that she forces on herself becomes a burden to her.

Unfortunately, these cases are more common in society. From childhood, we are
brought up with certain patterns and burdens, and often, even if we don’t want to, we get caught up in the flow planned for us from the beginning. It has been this way for generations. We carry the burdens of our predecessors and pass them on to the future.

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