Dilara Tagiyeva

Story of Vulva, 2024

Metal profile, metal mesh, wood; 220 x 150 x 55 cm

Vulva. This story is over hundreds of thousands of years old. This story is about love.
About a woman. About a mother. About a girl. About a sister. About a lover. It’s about life.
This story is about power. About the struggle. About loneliness. About grief. About being rejected. About betrayal. About suffering.
This story is about life. About getting to know ourselves. About secrets. It’s about silence. About shyness. It is about our continuation in others. It’s about unity.
About motherhood. About living children. About joy.
About disappointment.
About dead children. About grief. About regret. About guilt.
About pain with thousands of stories inside.
This story is about friendship. About co-creation. About laughter. About being accepted. About unity.
This story is about caressing. About softness. It’s about subtlety. About joy. It’s about pleasure. About excitement.
This story is about shame. About the great fear. It’s about abuse.
It’s about appearance. About conforming to beauty standards.
This story is about the awkwardness of the viewers. It’s about curiosity, weirdness, fear, guilt. It is about lust in minds and bodies.
It’s about conforming to moral standards.
This story is about oppression. About control, violence, oppression, murder.
It’s about the expression of our voice.
About hesitation. About mocking and being mocked. About ignorance. About endurance. About anger. It is about resistance and struggle.
About the cries for help. About cries of love. About cries of hope. This story is about hope. About faith. About light. About healing. About the revival of ancient memory.
This story is about our differences.
It’s about us. About our power. About beauty. It’s about our right to enjoy life. It’s about ecstasy. On the origin of life. About care. About defense. About love.
This story is about the incredible changes our body, mind, and consciousness can make.
It is about the sanctity of our bodies.
It is about the holiness of the soul.
It is about the sanctity of women.
It is about the sanctity of men.
It is about the sanctity of a man.
It’s about sexuality.
This story is about different forms and formats of love.
It is about love for God.
It’s about sensitivity.
About shame.
It’s about guilt.
It’s about sin.
It’s about birth.
It’s about death.
This is a story about humanity.
This story is me.
This story is you.
What do you see?

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