Aida Adilbekova

Köbelek (defining “butterfly” in Kazakh), 2023
In this video monologue by artist Aida Adilbekova, the protagonist describes the
transition of female social roles inside a family, when youth becomes the elder:

On the Eve of my birth, you saw a butterfly flying out of the light. That’s how we met. You used to cover the table with flowers for me. I filled myself with colour landing and feeding off of each of them. You wished me to grow and prayed so my wings would strengthen. I learnt that I’ve carried so much of you within me. An immense wisdom you’ve left one day will come to me, too. All the honey and milk you’ve covered me in will shelter me from the cold. A morning will dawn and many suns will set. You prepared me to travel further away from your garden and set sail on your own journey. Before you left, a frozen Earth melted by the force of purple wind. Spring has come. I have a new friend by my side. I had no sleep when you were born. The world was loud and we’ve lived in a draught. I started a garden, so when your shoulder blades would harden and turn into wings we could go there too. All the fauna of that garden hushed for thousand years waiting for you along my side. Time has lost its meaning. A house you’ve landed started hosting the Sun. I will wait for it to shatter the darkness and cold, and for soil to dry. Once you would hold your head I will bury your gifts under the apple tree. I will find all the purple for you in the greyness of the world.

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